This nightmare is under construction.

We’ve all been there. It’s the climactic Rifts RPG moment weeks in the making. The heroes and the villains are locked in that epic, final confrontation. And then… the Palladium-system rules go and foul something up.

I’ve been playing, loving, and hating Rifts since 1991. I largely rewrote the system once before and – no joke – lost the 80+ pages to a computer crash. Now it’s time to bite the bullet once more and put playable rules behind one of tabletop’s all-time great settings.

So why exactly do I have a page for this campaign on Obsidian Portal? Complete accident. I found the site 20 minutes ago searching for something else, but it looks like it has real potential. In 5 minutes I found 7 campaigns in my little city of 25,000 people, with ways to communicate with the players even if those campaigns have gone by the wayside.

And that’s what this page is for at the moment. I’m announcing to the world (or one tiny sliver of it) that I’m working on this huge project and will someday – hopefully soon – need feedback from others who share my love of the Rifts setting but are interested in seeing it rendered through different game mechanics.

2013 Jan 12: Passed the 15,000-word milestone on the Core Rules rewrite. The enormity of the undertaking has set it, progress slowed to a trickle. Player demand for a Rifts game has led me to decide to start small with a House Rules campaign, which I will track here since it’s all one Rifts story.

Rifts Nexus Playtest 1